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Haringey's carbon reduction priority tool

Terms of Use

This priority simulator tool forms part of Haringey Council's wider engagement exercise on the draft Climate Change Action Plan. All information gathered will be used to inform the development of the final Haringey Climate Change Action Plan.

The draft Climate Change Action Plan is setting out the ambition for the borough to be net zero carbon by 2041. You can find out more about the draft plan and provide feedback on our engagement platform which will be live until 4th January 2021.

The concepts presented in this priority simulator are not commitments by the Council. They are examples of the types of carbon reduction actions that can be taken in the borough to get to net zero carbon. They have been based on the proposals set out in the draft action plan but are not an exact replication. The points allocation has been done on an indicative and illustrative basis. The allocation aims to give a general idea of how costly a project may be, or how much the project can reduce the carbon emissions relative to other actions in simulator. The Council also does not have the powers to deliver all the actions included in this tool, as has also been indicated in the draft action plan. Most of the borough's carbon emissions are not in control of the Council (such as buildings owned privately, or the public transport system controlled by Transport for London). Further work will be required to develop and assess the best solutions for Haringey, and will require a high level of partnership working between the Council, businesses, members of the community, the Greater London Authority and national government.

This simulator is being run to help citizens engage with the challenge of allocating a finite number of points to different carbon reduction areas, and the results will help the Council to understand priorities and trade-offs.

All results from the simulator will be anonymised in reporting.

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