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Haringey's carbon reduction priority tool

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Our housing stock
Retrofit council-owned homes to improve energy efficiency
Retrofit private sector housing
Achieve carbon reductions in new build developments

Install local renewable energy production in Haringey
Install a borough-wide decentralised energy network (DEN)

Engage with residents to increase walking, cycling and using public transport
Investment in transport infrastructure for walking and cycling
Increase the move to low- and zero-emission vehicles

Increase education and awareness of the impacts of climate change across the borough
Investment will be made to support community groups in delivering awareness raising and behaviour change events and developing a webpage

The Green Economy
Support all businesses to increase prioritisation of carbon emission reduction decision making
Support the development of the carbon reduction job and career sector, delivering a green sector skills programme
Retrofit all commercial business premises and support businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their building(s)

Reduce the carbon footprint of Council operational buildings
Embed sustainability and carbon reduction in the Council's procurement of services
Reduce the Council's travel emisions (including schools)